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Samaritans are working together to make sure fewer people die by suicide.

Who calls us and why?

There’s no typical person who calls Samaritans’ helpline. There’s no typical problem that people talk to us about.

People talk to us about job stresses, being out of work, money troubles, family struggles, relationship issues, trying to measure up, feeling alone, feeling worthless, feeling sad or angry all the time, getting into trouble, being abused, feeling suicidal, needing to drink to get through the day…

It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you have or how big or small it may seem compared to the problems other people have. What matters to us is how your life is making you feel.

Sometimes people get to a point where they feel they can’t cope, where it all feels too much to handle. It’s worse if you feel you can’t talk to anyone about what’s weighing on your mind.

That’s where we come in. You can talk to us about anything that’s troubling you. If something is hurting or upsetting you, talk to us about it.

Whatever life’s done to you or whatever you’ve done, we’re here.

Read more about our vision, mission and values.

During 2022, around 23,000 people volunteered their time for Samaritans.

·    Every 10 seconds Samaritans answer a call for help.

·    Volunteers spend almost 1 million hours a year responding to calls for help.

·    Samaritans has more than 200 branches and locations

·    Samaritans is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Read more about Samaritans' structure and how our volunteers, staff and branches work together.

"Volunteers at Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot & Districts Samaritans work tirelessly to support the Samaritans mission to offer a safe space to talk, any time day or night, for anyone who is emotionally distressed."

Bracknell Samaritans Branch Director

Samaritans local branch based in Bracknell February 2021.jpg
Our Mission
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