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Please find below the terms and conditions for the Bracknell Samaritans Run.


Conditions of entry

By signing up to take part in this event you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of entry and any race instructions given by the organisers and officials of the Bracknell Samaritans Run.


Children (under 16 years of age)

The parent or legal guardian agrees to the following terms and conditions if the entrant is under 16 years of age:


  1. Participants entering the 10k Run must be 16 years of age or over on the day of the event.

  2. All children under 11 years of age running in the 5K Run must be accompanied by a fee paying adult.

  3. All children under 7 years of age running in the Teddy Bear Kids Run must be accompanied by an adult (who will not be charged). There is no set age limit for this event but as a guide it is suited to children between the ages of 3-8 years. However, parents / guardians must use their own discretion & judgment when deciding to enter their child.

  4. Parents / guardians must supervise their children at all times.

  5. Accepts the hazards of such an event and acknowledges that the child participates at their own risk.

  6. Confirms that the child understands that during the race they will obey instructions given by marshals / officials.


Medical / emergencies

  1. All participants must write their name, next of kin details and any health problems or medication on the reverse of the race number, which must be worn on the front of shirts during the event.

  2. In the event of illness / accident during the event, gives full consent to any necessary medical treatment being administered.

  3. All participants should be medically fit to complete the race on the day and understand that they may be putting their health at risk if they are not capable of running the distance of the race in the prevailing conditions. Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in the race should seek medical advice from a general practitioner prior to the event.

  4. In the case of an emergency the organisers may use the details provided by you to contact your home.


Health & Safety

  1. The use of headphones or any music playing devices is NOT permitted during the race, except for bone conducting earphones. This is for your own safety as listening to music may distract you from being able to hear instructions from race officials or other runners on the course.

  2. Runners must ensure they adhere to any instructions given by the marshals / officials. This is most important for your own safety and that of the other runners. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and / or being banned from future events.

  3. Runners should be conscious that the course is situated in a open, public area and respect this at all times. Please give way to pedestrians / cyclists and members of the public wherever possible. At no point should you run on the public highway.

  4. Runners are responsible for their own safety when crossing any roads. Marshals / officials will assist by alerting motorists but are not responsible for stopping traffic.

  5. All runners should wear appropriate clothing and footwear suitable for the ground and weather conditions. Please note that part of the course is run across a field which could be muddy, slippery and uneven in places.



We regret that no refunds can be given if the race is cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside of our control. The moment you enter our race we start to incur costs. Your entry fee is invested in the staging of the race and main costs to contractors, suppliers etc., which are committed well before race day.


Entrants information / photography

  1. An acceptance email will be sent confirming your entry to the event. It is the participant's responsibility to inform the organiser if any of these details are incorrect by the time the event closes to entries.

  2. By taking part in the event participants confirm that they are happy for their names and any footage or photographs taken during their participation of the event to be used to publicise and promote the event, its partners, sponsors and supporters generally, including television broadcasts.


Refusal of entry

The organisers reserve the right to limit, revoke or refuse entries at their discretion.



  1. We regret dogs are NOT permitted at the start and finish or anywhere on the school premises.

  2. All participants enter the races at their own risk. No responsibility whatsoever shall be attached to the race organisers or partners involved in the organisation of the event for any accidents, loss or damage, claims or actions of any kind (including negligence) suffered by participants, or by reason of the event, however such may be caused.


Data Protection – how will we use information about you?

The Bracknell Samaritans Run is organised by and on behalf of the Samaritans of Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot & Districts. Click here to view our full Privacy Statement.


Please find below additional information on how we may use information about you specifically for the Bracknell Samaritans Run:

  1. Bracknell & Districts Samaritans and its suppliers take data privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to facilitate the running of the event.

  2. We will contact you by email only to give updates and important information about the event.

  3. We may contact you with information about next year’s event for ‘legitimate interest’ purposes. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

  4. We will not pass your information on to any marketing organisation or third party other than our payments processor.

  5. We use a trusted partner to process on-line payments.

  6. We are committed to review and correct any inaccuracy in personal data. If you believe we have any errors in personal data about you, please contact the race organisers.

  7. By signing up to this event, you give consent that your details can be published in the event results on the sports timing website. This information will be retained indefinitely. If at any time you wish to have your details removed, please contact the sports timing company using the feedback facility on the results website.

  8. We will use the information that we ask you to write on the back of your race number only in the event of an emergency, as deemed by our marshals or the attendant emergency services. We suggest that you dispose of your race number in a secure manner after the event.

  9. By signing up for this event, you give consent for your photograph to be taken by the official race photographer and for these photographs to be used in publicity for future events.

  10. If you are unhappy with any of these terms and would like to participate in the event, please contact the race organisers at

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